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Analytica software brings a new level of clarity for decision making. It offers the transparency of visual influence diagrams, and the flexibility of Intelligent Arrays(tm) for handling multidimensional models. It supports risk and uncertainty analysis with fast Monte Carlo simulation. It lets you scale up models to handle problems that are too cumbersome or intractable in spreadsheets. For more information, visit www.lumina.com, or call Lumina Decision Systems at 650-212-1212.

Why do we use Analytica?
Key features of Analytica that are especially valuable for Veritas clients and projects include: the diagrammatic model structure which promotes transparency and understanding of analytical structures; the ease with which user-friendly interfaces can be incorporated; the capability to quickly change model dimensionality; and the ability to incorporate uncertainty in the model parameter values and determine the implications of this uncertainty for problems of public and private sector choice.

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