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Journal Articles

Kinnell, J.C., M.F. Bingham, E.A. Hastings, R. Ray, V. Craven, and M. Freeman., 2007
“A Survey Methodology for Collecting Fish Consumption Data in Urban and Industrial Water Bodies (Part 1).” Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 70:477–495.

Ray, R., V. Craven, J. Kinnell, M. Bingham, M. Freeman, and B. Finley., 2007
“A Statistical Method for Analyzing Data Collected by a Creel/Angler Survey (Part 2).” Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 70:496–511.

Ray, R., V. Craven, M. Bingham, J. Kinnell, E. Hastings, and B. Finley., 2007
“Human Health Exposure Factor Estimates Based Upon a Creel/Angler Survey of the Lower Passaic River (Part 3).” Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A 70:512–528.

Kinnell, J.C., M.F. Bingham, A.F. Mohamed, W.H. Desvousges, T.B. Kiler, E.K. Hastings, and K.T. Kuhns., 2006
"Estimating Site-Choice Decisions for Urban Recreators." Land Economics 82(2):257–272.

Yoo, J.I., T. Shinagawa, J.P. Wood, W.P. Linak, D.A. Santoianni, C.J. King, Y.C. Seo, and J.O.L. Wendt., 2005
“High Temperature Sorption of Cesium and Strontium on Kaolinite Powders in Combustors.” Environmental Science & Technology 39:5087–5094.

Lemieux, P.M., C.C. Lutes, and D.A. Santoianni., 2004
“Emissions of Organic Air Toxics from Open Burning: A Comprehensive Review.” Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 30(1):1–32.

Linak, W.P., C.A. Miller, D.A. Santoianni, C.J. King, T. Shinagawa, J.O.L. Wendt, J.I. Yoo, and Y.C. Seo., 2004
“High Temperature Interactions between Residual Oil Ash and Dispersed Kaolinite Powders.” Aerosol Science & Technology 38:1–14.

Bingham, M.F, J.P. Prestemon, D.J. MacNair, and R. Abt., 2003
"Market Structure in U.S. Southern Pine Roundwood." Journal of Forest Economics 9(2):1–21.

Finley, B., Iannuzzi, T., Wilson, N., Kinnell, J., Craven, V., Lemeshow, S., Teaf, C., Edward J., Calabrese, E. and Kostecki, P., 2003
“The Passaic River Creel/Angler Survey: Expert Panel Review, Findings, and Recommendations.” Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment 9(3):829–856.

Mathews, K.E., and W.H. Desvousges., 2003
"Stigma Claims and Survey Reliability: Lessons Learned from Natural Resource Damages Litigation." Journal of Forensic Economics 16(1):23–36.

Kinnell, J., J. Lazo, A. Fisher, J. Shortle, and D. Epp., 2002
"Perceptions and Values for Preventing Ecosystem Change: Pennsylvania Duck Hunters and the Prairie Pothole Region." Land Economics 78(2):228–244.

Bingham, M.F., and F.R. Johnson., 2001
"Evaluating the Validity of Stated-Preference Estimates of Health Values." Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics 137(1):49–64.

Bingham, M.F, F.R. Johnson, and D. Miller., 2001
"Modeling Choice Behavior for New Pharmaceutical Products." Value in Health 4(1):32–44.

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"Measuring Stated Preferences for Medical Interventions." ISPOR News 7(5):5–6.

Santoianni, D.A., M.E. DeCroix, and W.L. Roberts., 2001
“Temperature Imaging in an Unsteady Propane-Air Counterflow Diffusion Flame Subjected to Low Frequency Oscillations.” Flow, Turbulence and Combustion 66(1):23–36.

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"Sources and Effects of Utility-Theoretic Inconsistency in Stated-Preference Surveys." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 83(5):1328–1333.

Lazo, J., J. Kinnell, and A. Fisher., 2000
"Expert and Lay Perceptions of Ecosystem Risk." Risk Analysis 20(2):179–193.

Lazo, J.K., J. Kinnell, T. Bussa, A. Fisher, and N. Collamer., 1998
"Expert and Lay Mental Models of Ecosystems: Inferences for Risk Communication." RISK: Health, Safety, and the Environment 10(1):45–64.

Kinnell (Schwandt), J., 1994
"A Contingent Valuation Study for Chalgrove Pond." Papers and Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Meeting, Virginia Association of Economists, 97–117.

Carilli, A.C., and J.C. Kinnell (Schwandt)., 1993
"And You Thought All You Needed Was a Garden Hose: Estimating the Production Function for Volunteer Fire Departments: The Case of the Hampden-Sydney Volunteer Fire Department." In Papers and Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Meeting, Virginia Association of Economists, 47–58.
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