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Working Papers

Bingham, M.F., S.G. Veale, Z. Li, G.S. Crownfield, D.M. Woodard, and J.C. Kinnell, 2014   
“Integrating Revealed and Stated Preference Data to Improve the Estimation of Baseline Risk Fish Ingestion.” Working Paper No. 2014-03.

Kinnell, J.C., and M.F. Bingham, 2014   
“Developing Baseline Risk Fish Ingestion Estimates for Baseline Human Health Risk Assessments.” Working Paper No. 2014-02.

Veritas Economic Consulting, 2012   
"The Role of Knowledge in Assessing Nonuse Values for Site-Specific 316(b) Determination: Results and Implications from the National Environmental Impacts Awareness Survey." Working Paper 2012-01. Cary, NC: Veritas Economic Consulting, LLC.

Veritas Economic Consulting, 2011   
“Veritas Economics Environmental Policy Simulation Model (EPSM).” Working Paper 2011-01. Cary, NC: Veritas Economic Consulting, LLC.

Bingham, M.F., K.E. Mathews, J.C. Kinnell, and A.R. Morton., 2006
"What Is Significantly Greater? Properties of Benefit-Cost Comparisons under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act." Working Paper No. 2006-01. Cary, NC: Veritas Economic Consulting, LLC.

Whaley, J.S., M.F. Bingham, J.C. Kinnell, and R.W. Blye., 2006
"Estimating Annual Impingement and Entrainment from Sample Counts." Veritas Working Paper No. 2006-03. Cary, NC: Veritas Economic Consulting, LLC.

Mathews, K.E., and W.H. Desvousges., 2003
"The Truth, the Partial Truth, or Anything But the Truth: Survey Reliability and Property Valuation." Paper presented at the Symposium on Environmental & Property Damages: Standards, Due Diligence, Valuation & Strategy, Toronto, Ontario. April 4–6.
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