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Veritas’ Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) experience spans the country. Our principals have worked on oil spill projects in the state of California, mining-related projects in the western US, several PCB sites throughout the Midwest and Northeast, and many other chemical sites along the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts.

Our NRDA experience offers both breadth and depth in the types of studies we have prepared. Our principals have designed and implemented several original recreational surveys to collect data for estimating potential recreational losses, which are based on sophisticated statistical models. On numerous occasions, we have performed scoping-level assessments of potential recreational losses, all based on existing public data for clients interested in negotiated settlements. Our experience also includes several compensatory restoration efforts, where we have identified the types and locations of restoration projects that will offset potential recreational and ecological losses. We have developed several habitat equivalency analyses (HEAs) for clients faced with potential ecological services losses. We have also participated in projects where the Trustees use formulas to compute groundwater damages, and are well versed in the mechanics of those approaches.


- Designed and implemented a survey of recreational anglers for use in both the NRDA and human health risk assessment at Alcoa’s Lavaca Bay Site. Developed estimates of potential lost fishing services and potential compensatory restoration gains at Lavaca Bay site. Implemented habitat equivalency analyses to address potential lost ecological services. Served as a member of the technical work group, working cooperatively with trustees.

- Prepared comments on NOAA’s 1995 proposed NRDA rule and 1997 Compensatory Restoration Guidance Document.
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