Allen K. Miedema

Senior Consulting Economist

Dr. Miedema is a nationally recognized expert on energy, public utility research, and environmental policy and management. He has over 35 years experience in analyzing energy, public utility economics, and technology investment. His work has included leadership and supervision of numerous demand response studies—mostly for residential customers—that assessed the effects on electricity demand and costs that might result from a wide variety of demand management programs considered by electric utilities for increasing efficiency and improving cost-effectiveness in electricity consumption. He also led several utility system planning and market research modeling studies to assess market and system cost effects of potential utility service and pricing options. In his earliest work with electric utilities he led a series of electricity pricing studies to assess effects of TOU pricing and other non-traditional electricity pricing methods. In more recent years he led a research support team that produced numerous electric utility policy planning studies and presentations for the North Carolina Legislature, specifically for its Study Commission on the Future of Electric Service in North Carolina. His study team explored a number of complex issues that would be involved in retail competition, including reliability, fairness among customer classes, universal service, reciprocity, stranded costs, the impact on the environment, and tax implications, among others. Dr. Miedema has supported the design and development of Veritas’ Environmental Policy Simulation Model (EPSM) that evaluates the effects of potential regulations on electricity production, pricing, and reliability. Recently Dr. Miedema worked with EPRI on the first in a series of projects to assess markets for electric vehicles and related consumer expectations.

Until 2008 Dr. Miedema was Vice President of Research Triangle Institute’s (RTI) Health, Social, and Economics Research Unit, where he led a multidisciplinary staff of 340 professionals, conducting research programs in resource and environmental studies—work that included many contributions related to energy and resource conservation policies. Dr. Miedema’s staff included a communications research unit consisting of about 60 professionals who conducted survey research and studies of resource-related issues. Dr. Miedema has published the results of his research in prestigious professional journals, including the RAND Journal of Economics, Resources and Energy, Land Economics, and the American Journal of Agricultural Economics.

Practice Areas
– Policy Analysis
– Economic Impact Analysis
– Energy and Natural Resource Policy

– Regulatory Economics Research
– Econometric Modeling
– Benefit-Cost Analysis

– Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1974
– M.B.A., Quantitative Methods, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1967
– B.A., Mathematics, Hope College, Holland, Michigan, 1966